I am going to open the class where foreign people can experience Yuzen

I am going to open the class where foreign people can experience Yuzen,
Japanese traditional way of dying clothes, which are also used to dye kimono.
A lot of foreign tourists visit Kyoto every day.

And I am taking English lessons so that those foreign people visiting Kyoto can also enjoy experiencing Yuzen.
To be honest, my English level is that of elementary school students in Japan.

I wonder when was the last time I studied English, it may be when I was preparing for high school entrance exam, or when I was studying in cram school after elementary school classes.

When I travel abroad, I can order foods in restaurants, but I cannot understand the details of foods explained by waiters; this is what my English level is like.

However, we can start something when it is really necessary;
Since the middle of July, for almost 2 months, I have been in touch with English everyday.

Whether or not my English is improving much, even my family members living with me are surprised that a person like me who can get easily bored with things has been able to keep learning English for now.

Since last week, I talk in English with a foreign person whom I meet for the first time everyday for 25 minutes, via online English class called “DMM speaking English class.”

I always ask them; “Could you say that again?” but they don’t show any uncomfortable reaction and talk slowly again and again until I can understand the content, so I am very grateful for them.
When I talk with tutors in lessons, I feel
foreign people are more interested in Japan than we imagine.

The tutors with whom I take English classes are mostly Europeans, because of the time lag, and I am afraid that sometimes I don’t even know the location of the countries they live.

Compared to this, foreign people know very much about Japan and Kyoto, even more than myself.
I also feel the same thing inside Japan.
Sometimes people from outside of Kansai area know more about Kyoto, than local people living in Kyoto.

This is only my personal impression, but those who were born and raised in Kyoto don’t seem to visit many sight seeing spots in Kyoto, actually.

Only if they have some appointment nearby, or some free time, or if there are new year visit to shrine or some events there, then they may visit those spots,

but if you suddenly ask them; “Hey, shall we go to Shimogamo shrine today?”
then the answer will be “For what? Are there something special today?”
For them, culture and sight seeing spots in Kyoto should not be something special but something they have naturally in their daily lives.

I moved to Kyoto 17 year ago and have been living here since then, but
until several years ago, I visited sight seeing spots only when I had customers from outside areas.
Now, I also visit them even by my self.

Kyoto has a lot of traditions, culture, and wonderful sight seeing spots that are praised from all over the world.

I consider it as my current mission to introduce four seasons events and traditional customs of Kyoto that are not on guidebooks, to customers visiting Kyoto.
So I thrive to learn English, today as well.


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